Friday, April 11, 2008

Inaugural Post

Well the day has dawned where I fearfully and wonderfully begin to publicly explore and expose those thoughts which dance in the crevices of my mind. For better or worse I now venture out, as I should have several years ago to interact theologically in the blogosphere.

At the outset I would like to state several things, both for the sake of clarity of mind (that is my own) and for those, if any, who will choose to read the musings found here. The only thing I know is that I am uncertain about most things. Increasingly as I attempt to trace the various trajectories of interests, thoughts, considerations, and research ideas that swirl ever faster in the small mind I inhabit, they each seem, in the final analysis, to converge into issues of religious epistemology. This gives rise to a new and devastating tentativeness in many theological areas within the character of my religious being. Further, as I have studied the New Testament with more detail historico-critically, literarily, and otherwise I have been confronted with a Jesus that I have not been taught about in church. Indeed, as I continue to read, study, and search what I am finding is alarming. The cause for concern is not a mere "burden" of some sort or other for some so-called orthodox concern of the faith...rather the problem starts much closer---in the very nature of my understanding of Christianity and the church. My eyes see a Christianity unilaterally across denominational affiliation that is utterly a tool of the Empire, her Imperial propaganda, and her Imperator.

In what follows I hope to think out loud, with the world, critically, concerning colonialism, postcolonialism (as I am learning more about it), my own wrestlings with all matters related to the development of my religious person and the theology that entails. So we venture onwards....

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